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The Power of Many Will Always Exceed The Power of One. Give you and your business what it needs, today!

When starting Small Business USA our founder brought 23 years of unprecedented, unrivaled business acumen with top line sales driving results. Her ability to help businesses improve, drive sales, predict trends and reduce turnover was unmatched.

Still, no one person will ever have all the answers. This is why we all work together to give you the support you need. Learn about our impressive team below!

Small Business USA was created to make running your business easier. It was created to give you unfiltered feedback when you need it the most – whether it’s at your board meeting or right now. The same philosophy we share with our members has helped us grow across the US. Today, Small Business USA is a family of brands that include Small Business USA, InsightCEO, Generating Winners and Network and Golf. Our board and our methods have not only helped many business owners just like you, it has helped us as well.

Colleen Ferrary

Colleen Ferrary | Founder

Growing up in a family run business and then 23 years driving sales and leading teams for large corporations, Colleen Ferrary recognized a true gap between what business owners need and what they can afford. ” In the perfect world, a business owner would have a web development and marketing team, accountability partners, personal and professional coaches, HR managers and a business helpline. It’s unrealistic in most small businesses, now there’s Small Business USA.” After leading teams of thousands, now she’s making a difference where it really matters – with families. Leveraging the program she and her team created, Small Business USA has expanded to InsightCEO for larger companies, Generating Winners for families, and now NetworkAndGolf for all business leaders who need to network.

Atty. Brian Kerrigan

Brian Kerrigan | Director of Strategic Alliances | Whittlesey & Hadley

A graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law, Mr. Kerrigan is well versed in business practices in the small business market. He has owned 2 business advisory firms during the course of his career and maintained sole responsibility for all sales and development activities. His creative approach to
marketing helps clients devise strategies that will help them retain and acquire new clients.

Mr. Kerrigan uses his accounting background and advanced analytical techniques to help clients maximize their productive costs, minimize the amount of their non-productive costs, and manage their federal and state tax liabilities. His legal training has provided him a unique perspective and problem solving approach to minimizing business risks.

Arthur Levy, CPA
Arthur Levy, CPA

Arthur D. Levy, CPA | Elite Advisor | The Roart Group LLC

Arthur, an award-winning accountant, has many years of experience in the financial community and uses his wealth of knowledge to guide business owners in achieving goals and greater financial success. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, universities and organizations around the world. Arthur’s experience includes CEO and partner of the largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the U. S. He’s served as Chairman of The Small & Family Business Foundation and has personally founded and owned several very successful businesses.

His focus on the hospitality industry had him working with leaders like Danny Meyer, Bobby Flay, Charlie Palmer & others. He’s worked extensively with small and family owned businesses helping them meet their growth objectives and profit goals and tax liabilities. His legal training has provided him a unique perspective and problem solving approach to minimizing business risks.

Ann meacham
Ann Meacham

Ann Meacham, CEO | Leadership Dynamics

Ann is a well trained business leader. After receiving her Master’s Degree, she went on to graduate from Harvard’s Leadership Development program as well as being certified by ICF (International Coach Federation.) Ann has been dedicated to guiding business owners, CEO’s and executives for over 20 years. She specializes in supporting leaders who want to grow their business in a way they thought was impossible.

Her clients recognize that leadership is the single greatest driver of personal and organizational performance excellence. They increase productivity and revenue using strategic leadership. Ann’s leaders are able to engage their people, solve conflictive situations, retain their workers, and attract more customers/clients and more. Ann has a proven record of increasing company revenues and creating more stable workforces.

Richard Gilles
Richard Gilles

Richard Gilles, Partner | Barnraisers Group

Rick is a senior partner in Barnraisers Group LLC. – A Portfolio Consulting Company. He is an entrepreneur and business consultant with 3 decades of experience. He has served as CEO/CFO/COO of multiple businesses, and as a consultant providing C‐level management, business development, turn‐around services as well as launching new ventures. He has also developed dynamic financial cash flow forecasting models for companies and deals ranging in size from $1 million to $12 billion. Over his career Rick has significantly improved results for over 80 companies in 25 different vertical markets.

Rick’s team focuses on delivering the tools necessary for businesses from start up to established billion dollar ventures. He has a strong international presence and continues to support VC’s and protect their investments.


Rosann Levy, Marketng Guru | The Roart Group, LLC

Rosann, an award winning author and marketer uses the same strategies used to market her own business to help small and family businesses brand and become known in the business community. She is a frequent speaker at universities and organizations throughout the U.S. As the co-founder and President of the Small and Family Business Foundation, Rosann has become a resource for national, regional and local publications including Crains New York Business, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Family Business Magazine, and guests on TV and Radio that include CNN, The Today Show, Bloomberg News. Her awards include Accountant Advocate of the Year, from The SBA, The Small Business and Family Business Award, from New York Chamber and Top Marketing Director from the American Marketing Association.

Rosann and her team challenge business owner’s marketing strategy and help business owners better connect with their clientele. Rosann has focused her energy on the hospitality and growth focused owners.

Tom Fleury
Tom Fleury

Thomas Fleury, CEO | Executive Management & Business Care

Tom’s resume includes over 20 years of operations management, extensive process re-engineering and business development with several large service organizations. 20+ years of business mentoring with small businesses as a trusted advisor in just about every type of business (services, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs of all types, food services, retail, inventions/start-up operations, etc.). Tom has earned his reputation as a results driven business advisor with a proven history of solving critical sales and marketing challenges for small businesses and start-ups.

Tom’s focus on small business owners and their results has put him at the top of the list in the northeastern U.S. and he continues to drive small business results leveraging a strong marketing background and coaching.


David Jarcho
David Jarcho

David Jarcho, CEO | Crest Consulting LLC

David is the CEO of Crest Consulting LLC. Crest has supported companies’ growth by combining proven marketing strategies and tactics using today’s technology. David has helped companies define their competitive advantage and leverage it to generate more high-quality leads for less money. David’s ability to breakdown complex topics into easily implemented solutions creates comprehensive, sustainable, marketing plans for our clients. David has supported small to large businesses for over 30 years



Bec Morse
Bec Morse

Bec Morse, CEO | Bec Morse Consulting

Bec is the CEO of Bec Morse Consulting, a firm that provides professional service businesses with advice, systems and tools to achieve operational excellence. Using her proprietary method, Bec helps businesses develop and implement strategies for saving time and money without compromising unique company culture.
A Program Manager by trade and a business transformation agent by vocation, Bec spent almost 20 years building capability and improving efficiency in the financial services industry. This provided a solid foundation from which to build when she caught the family entrepreneurship bug. She now works exclusively with business leaders on strategic planning, goal-setting, operational planning, project management practices and execution, creating methodologies and workflows, process mapping, team dynamics, performance management and communication effectiveness.