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Unfortunately, 85% of businesses fail and they don’t have to.

We started Small Business USA in 2012 because we knew too many of those business owners. We also knew that if they had the resources, communication and tools accessible when they needed it, they didn’t have to fail. Better yet, we believe they could have flourished. Business is hard, but small business in particular is the backbone of our nation. It’s our growth and our future. We knew that if we combined the intellectual capital of great minds and had them focus on one thing – your business – we could make a difference… and we are!


‘There is no greater sound than the collision of great minds uniting around a single challenge – and no result as extraordinary!’

– Colleen Ferrary, Founder

At Small Business USA, we understand how challenging it is to be an entrepreneur. We understand the loneliness, the frustration, the endless decisions and the endless sales pitches coming from every direction. We know you’re tired of having every networking event being about what you can be sold and how everyone’s product is the silver bullet to bringing you success and wealth.

With so many messages, so many great ideas, and a very limited amount of time and resources, how do you have it all?

Small Business USA brings business owners together in a very raw, very honest, and very private environment to drive their business. You need honest answers, you need to be held accountable to strong focuses and goals, and you need to not waste your time working on anything else.

Small Business USA was created to solve the 48 reasons why business owners fail. More importantly, we were created to help you find an affordable solution that makes owning your business easier.

Email us at to see if Small Business USA is the right fit for you.