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Watch Video Colleen interviews coach Sergiu SImmel and his client Dean Harrington, the owner of Shamrock Financial in Boston. Hear how transforming your business by honestly assessing your team can make a major difference in the sales and growth of your

Making the right decision on how to best utilize your resources (time and money) is critical. Tom Fleury and Colleen Ferrary spend 20 minutes helping you ask yourself better questions and getting your mind focused in the right direction to

The concept of minding your own business means that while you are grinding away at your day job you need to be investing in your future and minding your own business. Pretty soon you’ll be able to walk away from

We’ve all worked jobs we hated. We were underpaid, underappreciated and bored out of our minds. We either quit these jobs or were fired for poor performance because we just gave up. Instead of taking that approach you need to

What Sandra Bland and the Chelsea Bomber Have in Common… And now Charlotte. Weigh in on this topic October 27th at 10am EST. Join us! Let’s start talking about how to talk about this topic with our children, with our

Last time I gave you a laundry list of tips and tricks you can use to make your word of mouth program work for you. Hopefully you’ve taken a look and decided which ones are the best fit for your

In the last post we talked about how to conduct word of mouth research and then put that research to work. Today we’re going to give you some great tried and true ways to use word of mouth when building

People only remember the extraordinary, strange, wild, surprising and unusual. You need to make sure your ideas and marketing reflect these reactions. This doesn’t mean you have to have a product or service that is completely out of the norm,

Today I’d like to discuss the science of the memes and how spreading ideas around and through society is ingrained in humans. Memes This refers to types of ideas that spread the fastest through society, why they spread fast and

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