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Every business needs a solid strategy, access to support, and a team who will pick you up on hard days and rattle your cage on others. No one ever makes all the right decisions. Having a team of people committed to telling you the truth and helping you solve problems, cheer you on, and making sense out of chaos is the ultimate environment. Having it all – plus a well-stocked toolkit – is Small Business USA.

Being a business owner is hard; we make it easier.

Our owners benefit from higher sales, improved profit, more time back in their day, and a consistent and accountable program that doesn’t interfere with business – it grows it! The best part? It’s affordable. We set out to make a difference for business owners – and we are!

Unfortunately, 85% of businesses fail. They don’t have to.

We started Small Business USA in 2012 because we knew too many of those business owners. We also knew that if they had the resources, communication and tools accessible when they needed it, they didn’t have to fail. Better yet, we believe they could have flourished. Business is hard, but small business, in particular, is the backbone of our nation. It’s our growth and our future. We knew that if we combined the intellectual capital of great minds and had them focus on one thing – your business – we could make a difference… and we are!

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More sales. More fun. Less headache.

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All for the price of a one hour consult


(other support options)

No all day meetings. We start with a 6 week foundational training with a consultant and deliver 2 optional live forums monthly (1 is always on marketing.) Ask anything or just stay current. This is a great tool for your team as well!

peer advisory boards

Stay On Top Of Business

Our business hotline solves problems. But our business hotline also helps deliver referrals to our own members. Your peer board may be the biggest resource, but our hotline connects you with people in need of your services regularly. 

You'll feel the difference when you participate in a Small Business USA board versus the competition's. We're qualified, engaged, goal-oriented, time-saving and results driven.

We're there for you when your business needs us. Can't wait for your next meeting? Don't! Call us when you need us. We're there for you.

The best part? It's included!

referral program

All members of Small Business USA receive a Premium membership with Network & Golf.

Network & Golf allows you to connect with business leaders across the country on private country clubs not generally accessible to the public.